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Commentary Quality Designer

Role Overview

Create Audio is looking for an enthusiastic and skilled Audio Artist who can make an immediate contribution to our team. You will work with the audio team for a specific project(s). You should have core experience in select phases of audio design and production, in every important component – sound design, music, voice production, and implementation. You will work within the Create Audio team and should have a basic understanding of game development. You should have a passion for video games, with an overwhelming drive to create a world class audio experience.


– Create quality audio for video games

– Authors small and well-defined audio-related tasks

– Directly supports portions of features or tasks

– Quality control review of project

– Dialogue editing, mastering, naming, and file organization


– Deep experience in recording, editing and processing audio with DAWs

– Is comfortable with modern audio creation equipment, software and recording techniques, with a level of proficiency in at least one DAW

– Knowledge of development management tools (Jira, Perforce, Confluence)

– Deep experienced in audio implementation with interactive tools

– Good understanding of dialogue/commentary audio standards in video games

– Experience using Microsoft Excel and Access

– Self-motivated individual with a solution-oriented work ethic

– Team oriented with a strong desire to both learn and teach

– Strong artistic and creative sensibilities

– Solid understanding of American Football and the NFL