Welcome to Game Music Jobs!

We’re looking for a passionate and experienced Audio Technical Designer for our Audio Team.
Relocation & Remote Work

Although we believe living close to our studio helps foster team spirit and stronger bonds between team members, we understand that people have different needs and expectations for their place of residence. You have a choice of three location options, allowing you to work with Crytek from anywhere you wish:

1. Come to our modern headquarters in Frankfurt and receive an attractive relocation package and have access to all of our benefits.

2. If you are already living in a European Union member state, we are able to offer you a permanent work contract and allow you to work remotely as an employee from there.

3. If you are interested in full-time remote work in any other country outside of the European Union, we can offer you a freelance contract arrangement.


  • Designing, writing, implementing, testing and maintaining the game audio pipeline for CryEngine 5.X using C# and C++.
  • Collaborate closely with the CRYENGINE Development Team to improve the audio pipeline and procedures.
  • Collaborate closely with the Audio Team, implementing Music, Dialog & SFX.
  • Conception and execution developing Audio Tools and PlugIns for CryEngine 5.X and the respective Audio Middlewares.
  • Creating technical documentation and tutorials using CryWiki and CRYENGINE Forum.
  • Assist CRYENGINE Community Team answering Audio related questions.
  • Performing quality assurance duties such as debugging and optimization.
  • Provides input to department and project status meetings, stand-ups and scrums.
  • Share knowledge with the audio team.


  • Successful completion of a certified audio education program or academic studies.
  • 2+ years of audio experience in the gaming industry, actively designing and implementing game audio.
  • At least one previously published title in a Junior role.
  • Profound knowledge of PC-based pro audio software, such as Nuendo, Pro Tools, Reaper and VST PlugIns
  • Profound knowledge of audio middleware designer such as Wwise Authoring, Fmod Studio or ADX2 Atomcraft.
  • Profound knowledge of audio engines such as Wwise SDK, Fmod Core, ADX2 Cri Atom API on a programming level.
  • Profound knowledge of programming and scripting languages such as Python, C# or C++.
  • Profound knowledge of CRYENGINE or other Game Engines such as Unity, Unreal or Lumberyard.
  • Profound knowledge to accurately plan and estimate tasks while understanding dependencies.
  • Solid ability to take direction well, seek advice and solve problems proactively.
  • Ability to give feedback and guide Intern & Junior Audio Technical Designers.
  • Ability to document pipelines, tools and procedures, share knowledge and give presentations.
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills with a positive team attitude.
  • Creative approach to audio design, game audio and game design.
  • Advanced verbal and written communications skills in the English language.
  • Strong passion for playing and creating video games.


  • Profound knowledge in recording, editing and post-processing linear media such as audio libraries, trailers and development diaries.
  • Profound experience in other realms of Audio Production or Composition.
  • Advanced skill playing an instrument.