Dino Lionetti
1612 South Chadwick Street

Experienced musician and composer with a passion for creating music in various genres. Proficient in multiple instruments and software programs for music production. Strong team player with excellent communication skills and a proven ability to work well under pressure.


Proficient in music production software such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and Ardour
Skilled in playing multiple instruments including keyboards and EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument)
Knowledge of music theory and composition techniques
Experience in audio editing and sound design
Experience in lighting and audiovisual synchronization


Music Composer – Crystal Labs/Barnyard Intelligence Games, 2012-2015

Composed original music for the game High Strangeness

Music Composer and Audio Producer – Twilio Inc., 2018

Composed original music for the game Twilio Quest along with other composers, mixed and mastered the final product.

Music Composer – Conatus Creative, 2016-2017

Composed original music for the game River City Ransom: Underground.

Music Composer and Keyboardist – Brave Wave Productions, 2016-present

Keyboard player for the house band “Super Strikers” who performs original music by their roster of artists.

Music Composer and Contributor – Data Garden, 2010-2014

Collaborated with other artists to create pieces such as a generative music system controlled by houseplants, and musical interpretations of objects from the Frankford Museum.

Audio Engineer – The Fire, 2004-2022

Mixed live bands of far-ranging styles in a 130 capacity venue.

Audio Engineer – Ortleib’s, 2022-present

Audio Engineer – Kung Fu Necktie, 2012-2014

Lighting/Kinetic Visuals – Klip Collective, 2011-2016

Operated and contributed to the lighting and visual systems at The Dolphin Tavern and Morgan’s Pier.

Lighting – Concourse Dance Bar, 2017-2018

Operated dancefloor lighting.

Music Composer and Keyboardist – Chromelodeon, 2001-2007

Music Composer and Keyboardist – Cheap Dinosaurs, 2009-present

EWI player – Zaku, 2021-present

Freelance Music Composer, Dino Lionetti, 2007-present

Available upon request.