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Why Game Music Does Not Get Boring

  Music is a vital aspect of the video game experience. From simple 8-bit tunes to cinematic scores, music helps enhance the gameplay experience by elevating immersions and establishing an emotional connection between the player and the sequences on-screen.  Game music can be broadly categorized as static (loop-based) and dynamic (adaptive/interactive). Loop-based music is used

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Simply Strings? Easy Tips For String Writing

  Writing an effective string arrangement can be crucial for an orchestral piece or enhancing an existing music production. There are multiple ways to tackle this challenge and one of them is with a piano sketch.  A piano sketch often begins with constructing the melody to which chords are added. At this point, the composer

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Age Of The Crypto Musician

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are the latest buzzword in the music industry. This new trend has heads turning, and many believe it may revolutionize the way artists are paid. NFTs use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum to facilitate digital transactions. These transactions can include diverse digital file data, ranging from an album to exclusive concert

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