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Are Stable Coins Stable for Musicians?

The cryptocurrency market is an exhilarating avenue with unpredictable ups and downs. Known for their volatile nature, cryptocurrencies possess an inherent risk that intimidates yet excites many investors. Stablecoins aim to curb this volatility by being pegged to the value of fiat currencies such as USD or EUR. For example, a well-known stablecoin is “Tether

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The Great Resignation and Modern Musicians

“The average person spends almost 13 years and two months of their lifetime working” (Belli,2018). In July of 2021, 4 million Americans quit their jobs, and millions followed in the course of the year, leading to “The Great Resignation.” The Covid-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented change and redefined how people work. The pandemic has

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The Metaverse Musician

Streaming platforms have revitalized an archaic music industry model, and although music is uncostly and more accessible than ever before, artists still get the short end of the stick. With the involvement of agencies and intermediaries, the process of remunerating artists remains cluttered. Over the last two years, new technologies such as NFTs, decentralized streaming,

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