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About ProbablyMonsters™ Family of Studios
ProbablyMonsters Family of Studios is developing 3 simultaneous AAA games in multiple genres. Since our launch in 2019, we have built 3 studios so far. Firewalk™ is working on a new multiplayer game to be exclusively published by PlayStation. Cauldron™ is developing a single-player, adventure-driven game and our RPG Team has a next-gen open world experience in progress. We recently announced the largest Series A raise in game development history at $200 MILLION to continue building long-lasting game studios. We are committed to providing our teams with the resources and creative environment needed to foster stable, rewarding, and life-long careers. Our Monster mindset of people-first, our ethos of predictable excellence, and our purpose of inspiring a healthier industry has attracted 230 likeminded professionals who unapologetically defend the sustainable home we have built together, a home free of storms that allows for focused creativity.

The Role
Our studio is looking for a Junior Technical Sound Designer who is incredibly passionate about games and bringing exceptional entertainment to millions of players. As our Junior Technical Sound Designer, you will be responsible for implementing quality audio and creating implementation techniques that will deliver high quality aural experiences.


  • You are a dedicated and technical individual, seeking out learning opportunities and ways to improve your craft.
  • You understand that implementation and mixing play a crucial role in the overall quality of the game audio experience.
  • You strive to advance the art and science of game audio, taking audio experiences to the next level for gamers while finding ways to improve the workflow and pipeline for the audio team.
  • You can work semi-autonomously with minimal supervision, managing your own time effectively, with excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • You are passionate about gaming and strive to create amazing audio experiences for gamers.


  • Working with Sound Designers to integrate high quality sound effects for interactive experiences, to bring their audio to life.
  • Implementation of audio using modern game engines, scripting methods, and audio middleware.
  • Collaborating with gameplay and design teams to ensure the audio is providing optimal player feedback.
  • Collaborating with the Audio Team to develop and refine our in-game audio systems and implementation pipelines.
  • Playtesting the game to test your implementation as well as to gather feedback.


  • You have at least 1+ years of technical sound design experience, preferably in games, and can demonstrate examples of your work.
  • You have some experience using a variety of DAW’s, current game development engines, game audio middleware, implementation tools, and technologies.
  • You have used visual scripting tools for signal flow like Unreal MetaSounds, Unreal Blueprint, Max MSP, or Max for Live.
  • You might have experience using traditional scripting languages, such as Lua, Python, or C#.


  • A people-first culture founded on respect, trust, approachability, and accountability.
  • A stable home that values your potential, deeply cares about your work-life balance, and is committed to investing in your craft and long-term career.
  • Competitive benefits package including health and family benefits, employee assistance program, flexible and paid time off, financial benefits and professional and personal development.