Studio Tip: Controlling Your Studio Monitors Made Easy

Attenuating sound signals through your studio monitors does not have to be complicated.
With a little box and a few cords, you can save yourself the trouble of plugging and
unplugging audio inputs.  We’ll try to make your Game Music Job easier.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and in my case, JBL already invented it for me. I had a nagging problem when first setting up my own home studio of having to unplug the audio cables from my keyboard going into my preamp and then switching them back to my powered speakers. I was greatly elated to find the Nano Patch- a passive attenuator knob used to connect preamps to powered monitors. This nice little box saves hours of needless aerobic exercise (that some of us keyboard jockeys need anyway) so you can stay in the moment when writing your masterpieces. Ok, I heard your question. Passive means NO POWER CORD NEEDED. You can pick one up from the Gear Section of our website.

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